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Parents as Partners

We recognise that you as parents, are your child’s primary educator and have a vital role to play in your child’s life both at home and in the nursery. By sharing this role with you we can make decisions together that provide your child with the best start in life.
Communication between staff and parents is of prime importance and we endeavour to maintain a two-way channel between home and nursery. All information shared is treated confidentially. In the under 3 environment, parents will be informed via a daily diary report of their baby’s fun filled day. For the 3-5 year old children a daily report will be posted on the parent’s notice board, located in the hallway, detailing activities and breakfast / snack menus. Parents will receive regular updates on their child’s progress and will be invited to attend parent / staff meetings to discuss their child’s development. If at any time, questions arise regarding any matter affecting your child, parents are encouraged to speak to a member of the nursery management team. If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service every effort will be made to rectify this immediately.
The nursery manager or member of the management team will be available to discuss any issues you may have. A copy of our complaints policy / procedure will be included in the induction pack which you will receive when your child begins.

Settling In

Parents and staff working together is vital in supporting children to adapt to new environments.
Each child is an individual and therefore some will settle quicker than others. The length of settling in time, which is free of charge, is tailored to meet the individual needs of each child.
Throughout your child’s time at nursery staff will work with you in supporting your child adapt and manage transition whether it be from one area of the nursery to another or to local authority nursery / school.

General Information

Induction Pack

Induction packs are provided to all parents when their child starts nursery. These contain all the information parents require in relation to their child’s nursery place. The induction pack contains copies of important policies / procedures including confidentiality, child protection, complaints and illness.


Meal times are an integral part of the social life of the nursery. It is also a time to reinforce children’s understanding of the importance of healthy eating. The nursery provides breakfast, lunch and snack. Breakfast and snack are prepared by the staff and children. A two-course lunch is provided by ‘Our Kitchen To Yours’ a local catering company. The company uses ‘Setting The Table’ nutritional guidance to inform their menus ensuring lunches are healthy and nutritionally balanced for the children.  Allergies and special dietary requirements are also catered for by the company.

Breakfast and snack menus are also designed using ‘Setting the Table’ Nutritional Guidance. Children are provided with a variety of healthy food options during these meals. Children’s preferences and specific dietary needs  are catered for including multicultural and allergy requirements. Children have access to water throughout sessions and are offered milk or water at mealtimes. Mealtimes offer children opportunities to discover different foods, develop healthy attitudes to eating and develop understanding of the importance of healthy lifestyles. In encouraging healthy eating from an early age, we provide facilities which enable mums to breast feed their babies at the nursery. Parents are required to provide expressed breast milk or formula where appropriate.


Your child will be required to bring comfortable shoes suitable for indoors. Outdoor clothing and footwear should be appropriate for weather conditions and it is preferable that all footwear does not have laces. We provide aprons for messy play, though mess is sometimes unavoidable, therefore we ask that you do not send your child to nursery in expensive clothing.
Children in the process of toilet training will be required to bring spare pants, socks, nappy sacks and wipes. Please avoid putting dungarees, belts or braces on your child as they will find these difficult to remove.
Please ensure that all your child’s belongings are clearly marked with their name. In addition, parents are required to provide nappies, wipes and creams.