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About The Nursery

Founded in 1987, THE ANGELA ELIZABETH NURSERY is West Lothian’s longest established children’s nursery. Situated in the semi-rural village of Wilkieston it is easily accessible to both Edinburgh and Livingston. The nursery is located in the original school building which was built by local tradesmen around 200 years ago. Over the years the nursery has been developed, providing the optimum environment to support children’s learning.

The nursery accommodation is divided into three areas:

  1. The BABY Room caters for babies from 3 months to 2 years
  2. The TWEENIE Room for children 2-3 years and
  3. The PRE-SCHOOL Room houses children aged 3-5 years.

The rooms are large, brightly decorated and equipped to provide a high standard of care for children. There are several secure all – weather outdoor play areas designed and resourced to meet the needs of the individual age groups. These areas also provide opportunities for nature and environmental learning activities. In addition the location of the nursery offers spectacular views over surrounding farmland and unspoilt countryside.


Nursery Facilities


A warm and inviting room with ample space for exploratory and sensory play. The baby room has its own secure, sheltered outdoor area which can be used in all weather conditions. There is a parking area adjacent to the baby room which makes drop off and collection stress free.

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The Baby Bear Room has its own entrance providing direct access from the car park. It has a cloakroom area providing storage for each child’s belongings. It is an open plan design which allows flexibility and space for children to enjoy a varied range of activities. The room can be divided into areas to provide different types of play. Sections include an area for Art / Craft, Water, Sand and Messy Play. There are resources which provide opportunities for pretend play such as toy kitchen, tea sets, dolls and prams. The large open spaces within baby bear room are ideal for promoting physical development, utilising resources such as climbing frames, slides and other larger apparatus. There are opportunities within the baby bear room for quieter activities such as storytelling and sensory activities such as heuristic play. The baby bear room has ensuite changing and toileting facilities which are fully equipped to meet the care needs of this age group. There are also dining facilities located within the baby bear room. The baby bear room has its own secure, sheltered outdoor area which can be used for the children to play and sleep.


A large bright room with views onto surrounding farmland allowing children to experience at first hand the wonders of nature. The flexible open plan room supports free flow play both indoors and out. Resources within the room have been designed to promote children’s independence which is crucial at this stage of development.

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The Tweenie Bear Room is a large brightly decorated room with ample space providing opportunities for a variety of play experiences. The open plan design is extremely versatile and furnishings can be moved to create different areas within the room. In addition the furnishings can be manoeuvred to provide a large space for energetic physical play. The room is equipped with resources which encourage children to explore, interact with others and promote children’s independence which is crucial at this stage of development. A role play area has been created which allows children to develop their imagination and also promotes social interaction and language skills. A section of the room has been designed to be used as a messy play area for activities such as art / craft, sand and water. The area is easily cleaned allowing children the freedom to make as much mess as they want. A quiet corner equipped with soft play, cushions and books is available for tweenie bears to sit and relax. This corner can also be used for storytelling, circle time and tranquil one-to-one activities. The tweenie bear room is fitted with child height sinks which are essential for developing children’s independence with care routines. In addition there are children’s toilets adjacent to the room which are vital for successful toilet training. There are cloakroom facilities located within the room where tweenie bears can store their own belongings. There is sufficient space for children to sleep and the room is fitted with soft lighting to create a peaceful environment. The flexible open plan room supports free flow play both indoors and out. The room leads directly onto garden areas, one of which has a hard surface area and is equipped with playhouses, wheeled toys and also outdoor dining facilities. The grassed area is equipped with large apparatus, ample space for sports activities and environmental projects.


Located in the original building the room is divided into areas where the children can freely access activities. These areas include art & craft, home corner, IT station, sand & water. In addition there is an area where children can participate in quieter activities or rest if they choose.

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The Pre-School Bear Room is a large, bright room and merges the old building with the newer purpose built areas. This room retains some the original features in particular the large arch windows which flood the whole room in natural light. As with the newer areas the space is very flexible and can be utilised for large or small groups. There is provision within the room for art/craft activities, sand and water play, a purpose built home corner and a carpeted area. There is designated space for IT activities providing the children with opportunities to develop skills in using IT equipment. Resources are stored at the children’s level in purpose built units allowing the children to freely access activities of their choice. The pre-school bear room is adjacent to the kitchen which provides an additional activity area where the children can participate in cooking activities and preparing their own snack.

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